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YogAlign is a revolutionary yoga method that honors your true biomechanic human nature.  It provides a safe, rehabilitative and transformative guide to a healthy, pain-free, wholesome and effortless aligned body. It focuses on neuromuscular balancing, natural spine alignment, joint protection, CNS awareness, core breathing and movement awareness. YogAlign restores equilibrium and balance in the body from the inside out.


YogAlign recognizes the innate intelligence of the body and gives people tools to transform themselves and truly become their own  best teacher. Ease, comfort, strength and presence are the building blocks of YogAlign. The techniques guide people to first eliminate unnecessary tension in the body, relax the mind and develop the  ability to reside fully in the present. YogAlign practitioners are taught to move from the core of the body from the psoas, diaphragm connection.



Arms are kept deep in the socket while lifting from the core, increasing the range of motion while stabilizing the muscles and ligaments of the joints. Self-massage techniques are woven into classes to stimulate energy meridians and give the body the signal that it is not under attack and can release deeply held tension.


If you are one of hundreds who are out of alignment, in pain, struggling with ailments in your body, and don’t feel you belong in your body, this is for you!

Loose your pain, balance tension
in your fascia, and re-gain
your natural alignment today!

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Mission Statement...

Brittan is adamant in her desire to help people practice mindfullness in all aspect of their lives. She welcomes everyone to join her in creating a wealthy lifestyle with a healthy mind, body, and spirit. She knows first hand through her own personal experience, that a heathy temple creates a wealth like no other. She is committed to helping people understand that over-stretching our ligaments, compressing the spine, and doing extreme yoga poses can cause more harm than good in the long run. In YogAlign, we practice Ahimsa, or non-violence, bringing self-compassion and caring. Yoga is about removing the obstacles that obscure our true nature whether in the body or the mind. Our emphasis is on good posture, not fancy asana poses. Mindfulness in yoga practice means having intuitive, kinesthetic awareness of when a pose does not serve your body's natural design. YogAlign simulates functional movements that don't compromise the natural curves of the spine.

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